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She has overcome the death of her husband, my grandfather when she was 58 years old; she lived in the depression era and raised three sons; and she has battled cancer and a number of illnesses. Importance of Family Relationships In order for a family to be strong, the bonds amongst them need to be strong.

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Mom is a nursing student. This system was called a joint family. This could be a family someone was brought up in or adopted into Welch.

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There are different types of relationships within a family unit. My mother, Janette who is 43 years old African American woman.

Importance of family essay

In my particular family, my parents were a perfect example of how children can be products of their own upbringings. Hence, a family has great influence over how we interact with each other and society at large. Everyone defines family differently, however, the significance of the family is the same. From my blood relatives and friends to my mentors, MHS staff, MHS brothers and sisters, and others I have met along the way, my family is large and continuously growing. Include how the kinship caregiver was disciplined as a child and if they believe it to be excessive or abusive. By utilizing the genogram for this family we see the nuclear family consists of husband, wife, and two children. The socially acceptable version of family is the people who are biologically related to you.

It makes us happy and fulfilled.

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Essay About Family