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Witchcraft is believing in and the use of practical magic, such as casting spells, calling on spirits, or predicting the future. Arrest warrants were issued in February and the trials actually began in June of that same year. Suspicion flooded the holy Puritan town, and led to accusations of innocent people. The trials were long and drawn out and many people were sentenced to cruel deaths because of their alleged practices. The trials ended up leading to the execution of twenty people, men and women, but mainly women. Take for example Eve convincing Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. These settlers were called the Puritans, dissenters from the Church of England Duboi and Dumenil , This story is synonymous with injustice and paranoia and continued to haunt the society years later. The news of witches began to spread in Salem when a group of young girls gathered together in the kitchen of the Reverend Samuel Parris with his Indian slave named Tituba to experiment with witchcraft. With such a small town there is a lot of talk and conflict among others which begins causing hysteria and eventually got 20 people killed because of it, people who were not in fact guilty.

Subsequently, a period of atonement began in the colony. There were a number of land disputes taking place during that period and the town itself was in a state of political turmoil.

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Whether or not all of them were guilty, we can only speculate. The witch trials lasted less than a year.

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These events symbolize times of despair, weakness, and slander, to which the essence of the events is nearly identical.

Minister Samuel Parris settled in Salem Village in After these young girls began to portray unusual behavior the village doctor came to the scene and diagnosed the girls to be possessed by the devil. The trials began during the spring ofand the last of them ended in Back in the days of the Salem witch trials, the magic and mystery that surrounded empowered women, resulted in their meaningless slaughter.

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Roach Due to these conditions, Salem became the site of the largest and most violent witch hunts in America.

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