Living with art

If you follow the balcony ledge out to the left and right edges of the work, you will find two small, dark, curved forms—all that remain of the columns that used to frame the sitter. Elaborate frames were luxury items as well, and highly prized. The sitter was a woman named Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo.

Their prestige was such that the word art gradually attached almost exclusively to them, whereas other kinds of skillful making became known as craft.

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The worksheets guide them in making connections between works of art by choosing a theme, looking for works that reflect this theme, and supporting their selections with formal and contextual details. Is there a correct way to appreciate art? Part of the value also comes from the fact that there are a limited number of paintings from his hand, and there will be no more.

He depicted stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley in the same way, repeating their publicity photos again and again. Today, with our regard for art and for the genius of Leonardo, that seems unimaginable.

This chapter will not give any definitive answers. Courtesy Robert Watts Studio Archive.

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Living with Art