Is the world a smaller place today than it was 20 years ago

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We may yet profoundly affect one another, causing true globalization to occur. But what about those they fly over, on their islands five miles below? Although this description was mobilised, as it so often is, in defence of a particular mode of development, it is not that that concerns me here. In this sense, truly, the world is getting smaller. The assumption of this form of globalisation is that the whole world is headed along the same path. It is in that process of establishing a relation that the "cost" and the value can be measured. These sorts of global transactions can occur instantly, in real time.

As a matter of fact, we use radios and some of us have mobile phones. Another result is the obscuring of the evident fact that the inequality and poverty in the world are being produced now, in part as a structural fact of this form of globalisation thus making it less likely that a majority of others can "catch up".

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It is an assertion that there is only one story to be told, only one history to be made; and it is a refusal to engage in debate with the - evidently existing - alternatives. While attention is paid to the diversity within - and quite rightly so - there is a blithe obliviousness to the wider planet upon which our urban lives depend. Cyberspace, and the instantaneous spaces of finance, each has its internal, unequal, geographies. You are on page 1of 3 Search inside document Globalization has made world a smaller place Definition: What is globalization? Travel is more affordable and accessible, and businesses and operating on a global scale, irrespective of how large they are. Several factors contribute to the overall dynamism and peculiarity of the television supply chain: Modularity and standardization in product design: Prior to , TV manufacturing like most manufacturing 30 years ago was vertically integrated. In such a framing imagination the whole uneven geography of the world is reorganised into a historical queue. The George W Bush-Tony Blair global project fails to understand or refuses to respect the depth of variation cultural, economic, political between the multiple stories whose contemporaneous coexistence makes up our spatially differentiated "now"'. What does it mean to say you can "get to" the southern Philippines, southern Africa or Latin America in five, ten or fifteen hours? This immersion into another's life gives us a respect for the differences and similarities of people throughout the world, and a better idea of the over-arching structure that connects cultures throughout the world. But this is precisely the point.

Too often the question of difference, of cultural diversity and of the coexistence of otherness, is approached in terms of the world coming to us. Free-trade agreements: By operating factories and supplier networks inside free-trade regions, companies avoid duty and long distance transportation costs for both the finished product and its components.

Tourism used to be restricted to the wealthy, but it is now possible for young people to explore and learn overseas, and there are many opportunities available for them to do just this.

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Now that what I call a major breakthrough. How exclusion works A public argument about the " Bushmen " of the central Kalahari desert, modern Botswana, illustrates something of this.

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It is the dimension of the fact that, as I write this one morning in Kilburn, north London, there is right now fighting in the southern Philippines I will learn about it laterright now in southern Africa women's daily struggle for water and life is underway, right now in the squatter settlements of the great cities of Latin America poor children are gearing themselves up for another day.

In the not-too-distant-past, a hungry world traveler would likely stop at a local restaurant and sample some of the specialized delicacies. First, it is to deny their actually-existing difference; it is in that sense to display a lack of respect.

With manufacturers producing only specific parts, quality is better.

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How Our World Is Getting Smaller