Essay on picnic to amazement park wonder la

We went to Wonderla last weekend. We were all sad while returning home. After learning all this new stuff, we thought to try our hands on gadgets also. Then we had lunch, followed by some fun activities such as rappelling and zip-line which too was fun. Each group had one leader to watch upon the respective team members.

First of all we had to enter the bird section where we saw a number of varied and beautiful birds. The first ride we took was the Fury Wheel. We also saw jaguar and leopard.

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The dashing car was fun to be in! We sat on a mini toy train there which took us on a ride around the lake.

Essay on picnic to amazement park wonder la

It was really big, all of us were yelling and crying! The school trip, learnenglish teens british councilLets take a trip to the kankaria lake in ahmedabad, one of the prominent theres an amusement park within the complex that has some. Our legs were paining as they had exercised hard while climbing those steps for the slides, and thus out of exhaustion almost everyone was asleep in the bus while returning. We could hear the shouts of people enjoying the ride and could feel the thrill from the boat itself. Conclusion I remember almost nothing from the return journey as we were all tired till the end of the day. This movie took us through broken bridges, steep mountains, dilapidated houses etc. It was a cold winter morning, the school bus departed at sharp seven in the morning. Last year, I went to Kidzania for the school trip and here are my experiences from that trip. After everyone completed the ride, it was almost 5 which was the time to leave for home. The teachers panicked however they were finally able to find Hussain, the lost one after 10 minutes of search operation.

We went in all of them without any hesitation. Almost two hour long route to the resort felt like a matter of few minutes as we played fun games with fellow classmates.

At the end of that, the head dentist made us understand about how crucial it is to do proper brushing. We walked through the ramp and it was an amazing experience.

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Wonderla Hyderabad Park