Budget control mechanism

Minimum service levels include only the most essential elements or activities within chosen decision packages--the highest priority services or the most critical needs of the government or organization.

types of budgetary control

According to Hedging approach, the permanent portion of funds required should be financed with long term funds and the seasonal portion with short term funds. Unit cost measures aggregate relevant costs associated with the delivery of a particular service and divide these costs by the total units of service provided.

This budget will, therefore, be useful only when the actual level of activity corresponds to the budgeted level of activity.

usac budget control mechanism

Payback period 1. Program and subprogram objectives identify key results to be accomplished within a specific time period; they should be: o Quantifiable or verifiable. The accounting process should provided sufficient information to anticipate budget amendments during the fiscal year.

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A program should facilitate the comparison of alternative methods of pursuing imperfectly determined objectives.

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budgeting as a control mechanism